Malware Virus Computer Security software is by far the most important step a computer owner must take.

With CyberCrime growing at alarming rates, you must protect yourself from hackers, malware, virus, phishing and spammers who may try to harm and damage your computer. Worst case scenario a hacker will make an attempt to steal your identity. A computer hacker specializes in infiltrating your computer with one objective: to record every single keystroke hoping you will divulge any kind of information they can use. For instance you could send an email with your home address or even shopping online and putting in your credit card numbers. Don't wait any longer take the steps to protect yourself with our security software installation service.

Our Solution

  • Take the time to contact us for a free diagnostics, we will check and evaluate your computer and give you a free consultation. A scan of your computer's hard drive will tell us if you are already infected or not.
  • If you are infected with malware virus or spyware, we will remove them from your computer and implement preventive measures to help prevent infection and protect your data from further damage in the future. We offer remote support service as well as allowing you to drop the computer off to us.

We will also:

  • clean up junk temp files
  • check startups/services, and registry
  • check hard drive for damage/bad sectors
  • remove potentially unwanted programs
  • update windows/third party software and critical security patches

You will notice a much faster system when completed, No More System Crashes, Computer Slow, or Fake Antivirus Pop-ups.

Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your system will get cleaned of any and all signs of malware virus or spyware infections.

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