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How to protect your Ring account with the new Control Center privacy dashboard

To enable two-factor authentication, tap the first item in the Control Center menu, labeled Two-Factor Authentication; click the button at the bottom of the screen, labeled Turn On Two-Factor; confirm your Ring account password in the field provided and tap the Continue button. Next, provide the smartphone number that you want Ring to send a verification code to and tap the Continue button.

Ring will text a six-digit code to your phone. Enter this in the field provided, tap Continue, and tap it again on the next screen. That’s all there is to it, you’ve enabled two-factor authentication. Now, each time you log into the Ring app from a new device, you’ll need both your password and a one-time six-digit code that Ring will send to your phone via text message. This should ensure that even if account has been compromised, no one will be able to access your account unless they have your account credentials and are also in possession of your phone and can unlock it.

That said, the type of two-factor authentication Ring is using is not impervious to hackers, primarily because SMS is not a secure means of communication. Unencrypted text messages can be intercepted, and hackers can steal your phone number and reassign it to a different SIM card.

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