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Black Friday 2019: The best tech deals at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Newegg, and more

Much hype went into the lead-up to Black Friday 2019, with some changes to retailers’ habits—more stores released early looks at their advertisements for Thanksgiving week, as well as small amounts of the best deals to chum the waters for the main event.

Well, Black Friday is here now, and though many deals are of varities we’ve seen before (Echo Dot or Google Home Mini for dirt cheap, anyone?), some genuinely unique standout bargains exist within the piles and piles of fodder. To help you spot them, we’ve sifted through popular stores’ advertisements and websites to find the true gems, all of which are listed below.

Everything we’ve picked are items that we’ve rated highly or that enjoy tremendous popularity and are near or below the historical all-time low price. So if you see gear that you like, you can rest assured that we’ve done your research for you.

Note: These prices are the best we’ve seen based on the information available to us. However, stores often start price-matching one another and even undercutting each other, so if a deal you like is at a physical store you can’t get to easily, it’s worth checking other stores to see if they have price-matched. (Or actually do have a price-matching policy.)

The best Black Friday 2019 tech deals

Now that the Black Friday deluge has begun, we’ve taken our full list of deals (begun earlier this week and arranged by category), added new ones, and sorted them by store. That way, if you have a preferred place to shop, you can easily see what’s available to you. In each section, we’ve cherry-picked the best bargains for that retailer—so while the price meets our criteria for a very good price (near, at, or below the historical all-time low), it may not be the absolute lowest price available during Black Friday.

Keep an eye on this page, as it’ll get continual updates through Sunday!

Our top picks

If we called out every single fantastic bargain, the list would be pretty unwieldy. Instead, I’ve summed up the outlook for a handful of popular product categories. For the full story, check out all the individual deals further down.

Audio: The hot deals are for true wireless earbuds, with the Jabra Elite 65t, Macworld’s former pick for the best true wireless earbuds, tumbling to a rock-bottom $100 at Amazon and other retailers due to the release of the 75t. (The sporty “active” version of the 65t is also on sale for $140.)

fitbit inspire hr size Michael Simon/IDG

We already liked the Fitbit Inspire HR at its $100 MSRP, and its 30% discount for Black Friday makes it even more appealing.

Fitness trackers: Fitbit’s newest trackers have all hit low prices, with the already-affordable Inspire HR plummeting to $70 at Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, and many other stores. The Ace 2, Charge 3, Versa Lite, Versa 2, and other trackers from Garmin and Samsung can be found at great prices at multiple retailers.

Gaming accessories: Razer’s insanely popular DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse has dropped to an all-time low of $30 at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers. B&H also has a deal on Microsoft Xbox One controller bundled with an official wireless dongle.

Monitors: ‘Tis the year for high-refresh rate. Most deals coming down the pipeline are of the 144Hz variety—and FreeSync (aka “G-Sync compatible”), so if you’re looking for a true G-Sync panel, the pickings are slim. We particularly like this $150 24-inch Acer 1080p 144Hz IPS FreeSync model at Amazon, with this $140 Office Depot alternative with a VA panel as a runner-up.

For the extreme budget end, we favor a $70 23.8-inch IPS monitor at Staples and a $100 24-inch Samsung IPS 75Hz FreeSync model at Newegg.

PC Components: Between Newegg, Micro Center, and Amazon, there’s too much to mention, even in summary! Micro Center of course has let loose with a plethora of excellent CPU deals ($130 for a Ryzen 7 2700X!), while Newegg has thrown down the gauntlet in nearly every category of parts. For its part, Amazon is selectively price-matching both of these competitors here and there.

2g ryzen 7 8 Ryzen 2 Gordon Mah Ung

Once again Micro Center makes building a PC during the holiday season incredibly cheap, with marquee deals like the 2700X for $130.

PCs (Desktops): One pre-built gaming desktop in particular caught our eye this year: a $600 CyberPowerPC model at Best Buy featuring a Ryzen 5 3600 and an RX 580, along with a generous amount of storage and RGB. For non-gaming pre-builts, we like a $370 Lenovo with a Core i5-9400, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD at Office Depot.

PCs (Laptops): We’re more bear-ish on laptop discounts this year—at least for non-gaming laptops. While most models of this variety have respectable price drops, few hit the threshold of shockingly good. If we had to pick, we’d go with Best Buy‘s $600 Surface with a Core i3 processor and a Type cover, the $1,000 LG Gram 17 with a 1660p screen at Costco, and the $800 XPS 13 doorbuster sale at Dell (starts at 2pm ET / 11am PT).

Routers: It’s much quieter on the router front this year; most of the attention is on smart home devices like Ring video doorbells. But if you’ve been eyeing a Linksys Velop mesh routers, now’s the time to buy: You can find great deals on tri-band models at Best Buy in both the 2-pack and 3-pack varieties.

Smart speakers: Amazon and Google are still fighting it out for the ability to listen to every word we say. The Google Home Mini (and its successor, the Nest Mini) is ultra cheap at multiple retailers, and Amazon’s absurdly huge line of Echo devices has also plummeted to all-time lows. Headliners are the Echo Dot 3rd gen for $22 and Google Home Mini 1st gen for $20.

echo dot 3rd gen primary Michael Brown / IDG

Amazon’s quest for home-domination continues with price cuts on its extensive Echo device line, plus throwing in 3rd gen Echo Dots for free with some of its Ring products.

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Best Black Friday deals at Best Buy

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Best B&H Black Friday deals

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Security Cameras

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Bluetooth speakers


External Hard Drive

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Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 Adam Patrick Murray

At the start of Black Friday proper, Costco had the only sale on a 15-inch Dell XPS that we liked.


Routers & mesh routers

Smart Home

Smart security cameras

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Best Kohl’s Black Friday deals

Kohl’s deals are priced the same as other retailers, but with a special bonus: You earn store credit (usually that lasts about a week or so) that you can use toward future purchases. If you think you might shop during their Cyber Monday sales, this can be an excellent store to shop at for tech and get the most bang for your buck—as a department store, you can shop for a lot more than just gadgets and gear.


Electric toothbrushes

Fitness trackers

Game consoles

Robot vacuums

Smart speakers

Video doorbells

xbox one x 2 Adam Patrick Murray

Kohl’s doles out $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend. If you’re able to combine your tech device purchases there, you can walk away with a fair amount of credit to spend during Cyber Monday—like $105 Kohl’s Cash for buying an Xbox One X.

Best Micro Center Black Friday deals

As always, Micro Center’s insane deals are in-store only. If you live near one, we envy you, you lucky duck.


PC Components


With the exception of the Ryzen 3 2200G, all listed CPUs are eligible for a $30 discount on select motherboards when you buy a CPU and a motherboard at the same time.

*Microcenter also has the 3900X for MSRP.

Graphics cards


Prices are after $30 bundle savings when purchased with select AMD or Intel processors.


Best Newegg Black Friday deals

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External Hard Drives

Gaming Accessories




Game consoles




Network Attached Storage

corsair 570x Corsair

Most of the case deals are in the budget range, as usual, with the exception of the Corsair Crystal 570X.

PC Components


Case fans


CPU Coolers


All AMD Radeon cards listed below come with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass plus the choice of Borderlands 3 -or- Ghost Recon.


Power supply





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adobe photoshop elements 2020 pattern brush results Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 (the culprit behind this heart-filled image), Adobe Premiere Elements 2020, and the combo bundle are all cheapest at Newegg. Everywhere else is $10 more.

Best Office Depot / Office Max deals

Desktop PC


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PC Components


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Wi-Fi routers

Best Staples Black Friday deals


External Hard Drives


Smart home

Smart speakers

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Other Black Friday tech deals

dsc03041 Gordon Mah Ung

iBuyPower has slashed prices on its incredible Snowblind cases for Black Friday. For the Element, it’s $129 vs. a normal MSRP of $329!

Cell phone plans


Cooler Master

Cooler Master’s offering up to 40% off on most products on its site with code BF19. Deals include:


Corsair’s having a Black Friday sale on its own site, and deals include:

DNA Testing


iBuyPower has dramatically dropped the prices on its stunning Snowblind cases, whicih feature a display built into the tempered glass side panel. (You can see us unboxing/tearing down the case and our live build with it for more details.)


Among Monoprice’s Black Friday deals are a couple of nity ones on their in-house brand devices.



$20 off two Yubikeys (applies to all Yubikey 5 series keys). Examples:

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